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Structural Integration and Yoga—Complimentary Practices

Structural Integration is a very thorough process that reaches and releases very deep and specific aspects of the body that cannot be easily accessed through yoga postures.  It is very thorough, and a quick fix to long-standing problems. 

Yoga practices will maintain and advance what we accomplish through Structural Integration while addressing emotional and mental causes of body-stress at the same time.  Eric is an advanced-certified yoga and meditation teacher with on-going classes in Asheville—see below.

Eric’s Yoga Teaching Schedule

Asheville Community Yoga Center, Wednesdays 2:15-3:45pm - www.AshevilleCommunityYoga.com 

The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa, Saturdays 9:30-10:30am - www.GroveParkInn.com

Eric’s Yoga Class Description

“Yoga for Health and Happiness” This all-levels class is intended to encourage and support a consistent and doable yoga and meditation practice at home. With three primary goals—physical vibrancy, emotional balance, and mental clarity—this class will serve as a foundation for the discovery of deep peace and the true personal power that lies beneath the activity of the mind. Each class will conclude with a brief meditation. We will explore:

A gentle and strengthening sequence of postures;
Joyful focus on the breath and optimal alignment;
Choosing appropriate practices for emotional balance and mental clarity;
Lifestyle considerations for supporting your personal constitution and your practice;
Meditation as a means to realizing one’s creative potential and consistent peace of mind;
Techniques to make meditation more accessible and rewarding;
Life as an expression of joy;
Yoga as an ancient tradition.

Eric’s Yoga Biography

Eric Seiler fell in love with yoga in 1999 when he started practicing every day at home, from a book, as an experiment, to see what would happen. He very quickly noticed positive effects in all aspects of his life. He was hooked—and wanted to learn more. He began by immersing himself in yoga study through volunteering for several months at Kripalu, the largest center in the world for yoga and holistic health. He then pursued teacher-trainings and extensive studies with top-level Anusara teachers, where he learned powerful bio-mechanical alignment principles, and how to discover the pose as an expression of beauty and joy. He radically expanded his understanding of the body in 2005, when he began his journey as a full-time Rolf Bodywork Practitioner. Out of a deep yearning for true understanding of yoga and to maximize the potential of yoga through meditation practice, he met his teacher, Rod Stryker, in the summer of 2003. Through Rod’s guidance, Eric has come to know yoga as a supreme, scientifically sound path for optimal health, personal evolution, and fulfillment in life. Eric’s intention as a teacher is to draw his students into the joy of yoga and to support them in cultivating a personal home-practice for maximum benefit


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