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What to Wear?

I’ll watch you stand and walk so that I can see how the bones align, how your body moves, and how your body carries tension in the musculature. It’s helpful for me to be able to see your legs, mid-section, and shoulders.  Shorts and a sports bra, a camisole, or a tank-top is good.  Some people just wear their underwear, and I’ve worked with people in long pants—wear whatever works for you, the most important thing is that are comfortable.

How long is a session?

The sessions will usually last between 75 and 90 minutes, give or take a few minutes, depending on the body’s needs.  Allow an additional 30 minutes for check-in at the beginning of the first session, for a total of about two hours.

Does it hurt?

Structural Integration should be relaxing with an overall feeling of relief—it does not need to be painful. Done with clear communication, the client will direct the appropriate amount of pressure for an enjoyable session. With patience, sensitivity, respect, kindness, and encouragement, the body will respond by breathing deeply, relaxing, and opening to receive the work.

Why does this work last?

  1. A balanced structure will continue to stand with integrity, with the bottom segments supporting the top—Structural Integration creates balance throughout the body structure so that all of the body-segments will support one-another from the ground up, starting with the feet.

  2. The muscles will be able to function properly without pulling the bones out of alignment.

  3. Enhanced mobility throughout the body will maintain softness, suppleness, and length in the muscles and surrounding tissue.

Will my insurance cover your fees?


I can take insurance for auto-accident and workman’s comp claims with a doctor’s referral.



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