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The Basic Ten-Series


The goals, resulting benefits of each session of a Rolf Ten-Series—and a few ideas to support improved body-awareness, movement, and posture—are outlined here to help better your understanding of this work.


1.  The work of this session creates space in the rib-cage, greater mobility in the relationships of the hips with the legs and lower-back, and freedom through the shoulders and neck.  Notice how it feels to be in your body walking and breathing.


2.  This session creates freedom in the lower-legs to improve the structure of the feet and the alignment of the ankles.  The ankles and feet are the base of support for the entire body—as they discover a better alignment, everything above will shift for improved mobility all the way up through the spine.  Walk barefoot for a bit to notice your new feet.


3.  By creating length and space through the sides of the body—from the knees through the hips, lower-back, abdomen, rib-cage, shoulders and neck—all of the body’s segments will lift off of one-another and shift to a more balanced and supportive alignment.  Enjoy your body, noticing how it feels to breathe and move more freely.


4.  Lengthening the inner aspects of the legs will begin to create a central-line of support for the entire body.  The feet and the lower and upper aspects of the legs will shift to a more supportive and balanced relationship with the pelvis.  While walking, allow the legs to move in a line straight out and directly forward from your hips and notice the space between your legs and feet as you walk.


5.  This session begins to lengthen the core of the body and the front of the spine by creating space throughout the abdominal region.  The diaphragm is lengthened for easier and deeper breathing, the abdominal organs are given internal space for more efficient functioning, and the psoas muscles are lengthened for lower-back stability and easier walking.  Allow your legs to release forward effortlessly, rather than lifting them, as you walk.


6.  Mobility is greatly improved in the hips and lower-back as backs of the legs are released from the heels up through the hips and sacrum to mid-spine.  Your hips are much freer now—allow them to roll gracefully without restriction as you walk.


7.  This session lengthens the tissue throughout the neck, throat, and skull—allowing the head to lift upward and shift backward to a more balanced position on top of the spine.  Compensatory patterns will release for greater ease throughout the body below.  Feel the head lifting and shifting up and back for greater length and easier movement throughout the neck, shoulders, and lower-back.


8 and 9.  These two sessions will create more cooperative and efficient working relationships between the extremities and the spine.  The eighth session will either be focused on the hips, legs and lower spine, or the shoulders, arms and upper spine, depending upon individual needs.  The ninth session will compliment the eighth, with work on the either the upper or lower body, as needed.


For lower-body work—notice the supportive connection from your lower-back through your hips and legs into your feet as you walk.  For upper-body work—allow your shoulders and arms to rest and hang loosely upon the support of your spine as you stand and walk.


10.  This is the culmination of everything that we’ve done to this point.  This session educates the entire body to move in a more stable and efficient way with all muscles and body segments relating to a central core located in the lower-middle back.  Allow your body to relax in graceful movement that naturally expands from the strength of this central core.

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