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Client Testimonials


Amazing—I looked forward to each session. I felt a difference after each session. I breathe deeper and better during activities, I have better posture, and chronic tightness in my back muscles was relieved. It took me beyond where yoga and massage have taken me in terms of flexibility. Everyone should complete the series.”
      Alissa Zissman

It changed my posture, making it easier to stand and sit erect. I have better movement and more coordination throughout my body. I notice that it is easier to stretch in all directions, and breathing is easier. It seems like I walk easier.”
      Lynnis Steinert

I feel stronger and taller, I have more stamina, I can get up and down more easily, and I feel more balanced.”
      Louise Web

It was just what I needed. All physical movement feels more fluid. It was very relaxing, and there was a sense of benefit while it was going on. I see so many people that appear to be in pain, and I know they could benefit from this.”
      Jann Pitcher

It was excellent. I feel lighter, more flexibility, more range of motion, easier breathing, less stress with my lower back, and energetically more at ease, balanced, and centered. It works—improving quality of life.”
      Thomas Marschall

“After leaving a session each time I would have a more positive, confident outlook—walking straighter and taller—in all aspects of my life.”
      Margaret Burke-Smith

“The original sessions and occasional tune-ups have been very productive. It really changed my quality of life. After having open-heart surgery, I have no chest pain. I am able to pursue all activities with complete flexibility, easier breathing, and more range of motion. I feel a lot stronger and my body works more as a unit now. I was confident with Eric and the treatments he provided. It was a very positive experience.”
      Chris Nelson

I was able to tell an immediate difference in the way I hold my body. Several weeks later I realized that I felt better—less aches and pains, and stronger overall. It helped my attitude toward aging and its physical manifestations. Rolfing makes sense and addresses the effects of gravity and old injuries in a direct and noticeable experience.”
      Randal Davis

It was wonderful—excellent. I feel younger and stronger, with more drive. I feel open, straighter. I’m able to lift heavier objects and work longer hours in the house and garden, and am less tired by the end of the day. Lifting and getting up from a lying or sitting position used to cause back discomfort—not anymore. I would encourage rolfing to friends. Improving the posture and opening up the ability to breathe fully is an excellent step to good health.”
      Merel Marshall

It was relaxing to receive this work. It has helped me to stand and walk more upright with less pain in my lower back and a greater sense of ease and lightness while walking.”
      Bryan Hinds

I looked forward to the sessions and enjoyed the experience.”

      Julie Hinds

It was very positive, it felt great! I noticed a marked decrease in hip pain and greater range of motion in my neck. I can garden now without lower-back pain, I have a greater sense of ease when standing for an extended time, and more fluidity when walking.”
      Ilene Haykus

It was excellent. I experienced the common benefits—mobility, suppleness, structural stability, and I felt and appeared taller and slimmer. It improved my awareness and my posture and gave me a sense of youthfulness. My body moves quicker, I feel brighter and happier, and do many activities better and faster with an attitude of wellness. My knee is pain-free. Because it works, I would recommend it, definitely.”
      Delores Butler

“I became more educated and aware of my posture, walk and fluidity of movement. An irritating click in my neck (which was almost painful) is gone. I want my friend to do it to improve his health and wellness and to eliminate pain and restrictions.”
      Steven Butler

“It was great. It gave me balance in the body, balance in the mind. I feel more flexible, solid on my feet, and more athletic. It helped my basketball game and work with easier motor functioning. It relieved my hip after surgery, I let go of negative emotion, and felt much more energy. I have recommended it as it made me feel years younger physically.”
      Terry Smith


“Great!  I liked getting the 10-series—and love getting regular follow-up three’s—it helps me stay open and in alignment.  It has helped me to continue to fully appreciate my life!  My muscles are more relaxed, I feel that I stand taller, I have less pain, more flexibility, and my breathing is fuller.  After each session I felt more balanced, light in my body, open, and energized.  It felt great to receive this work—not as painful as it has been in the past—I felt that Eric was very present and great at checking in to make sure the pressure was OK.  It will help people with their alignment, increase their awareness of their body, and help them be free of pain.”

      Barbara Griffin


“It was very good!  I looked forward to going to my sessions every week.  I had carpal tunnel syndrome and was limited in the amount of work I could do—it was better afterward.  I thought it was excellent.

      Julie Burch


“Having experienced about twenty-two rolfing sessions in the ‘no pain, no gain’ era, it was a treat to discover Eric’s gentle and effective way of reading the body structure and its response to the work.  His ethics, compassion, and skill make it easy to recommend him to my friends and clients.”

      Elizabeth Coleman


“I stood taller, was more comfortable walking, I found some relief in my hip which has had chronic pain, and my breathing was fuller.  I enjoyed receiving the work.”

      Karina Silver


“Wonderful.  I enjoyed the process.  I thought it would be painful, having heard stories, but it was quite relaxing much of the time.  I feel more aligned, fluid, lighter, balanced, and less burdened by creeping aches and pains that have accumulated over the years.  I can take long walks with no lower-back or hip pain.  I felt much more space in my diaphragm and core area, I felt a remarkable sense of lightness, and ease in my breathing.  I could feel my body letting go and literally untangling.  I think the work could be likened to a fountain of youth—it has revitalized my body and given me a new platform to move my life.”

      Emily Tholberg


“Wonderful.  It was physically freeing.  I am more upright, stronger, and more fluid.  Tension that I used to carry in the upper shoulders and neck is gone.  I experienced re-alignment that I haven’t gotten from any other type of bodywork.  I would absolutely recommend this work.”

      Brad Van Wormer


Structural Integration improved my posture, balance, and stability in activities such as climbing and hiking—I’ve been able to do more outdoor activities.  There’s a more spacious feeling throughout my core, more length and flexibility throughout my entire body, and less pain in my back and neck.”

      Julie Walls


“Excellent—it got rid of old ‘holdings’ in my body.  I noticed an ease, flexibility, lightness, an overall freedom in movement, a flow of energy, and greater confidence, balance, and centeredness.  I would love to have on-going work and deepen this process.”

      Cary Ellis


“It was very positive—I felt more flexibility and less pain.  The services were very professional.  I would especially recommend this work for people with poor posture or severe pain.”

      Christina Knoel

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